Flipping the Science Lab with videos embedded in Google Forms?

I just wanted to get some feedback from some of the experienced flippers here about an idea to “Flip the Lab”. Next year, all of my students will have their own iPads from the school. I teach HS Biology, and we have two basic types of labs – one is more of a guided inquiry style lab, and the other is a much more Inquiry-based lab.  For this idea, I am referring to the more guided inquiry.

Here it goes.  Most of these labs are in sections where one part leads to the next.  Most of the labs are modified from University of Rochester Life Science Learning Center.

Videos inserted into Google Forms

I thought I could video myself demonstrating parts of the lab.  I could embed those into a Google form and have the students answer the lab questions on the form.

In NY State, we are required to hold on to the labs from the previous year in case the state asks for them (they never do though). With that in mind, I thought I could use not only the correct answers but multiple wrong answers given by my previous students to create multiple choice answers and use Flubaroo to have it graded.

Due to the sheer volume of students, I rarely grade each student’s labs question by question, but I will check for completion and then I might check a few questions to determine a grade.  It is not ideal but out of survival.  This solution could alleviate that problem.

Students submit a “section at a time.”

Since Google forms do not “save” where a student currently is – they must complete the entire form before they close the window or all is lost.  Therefore, I thought I would have them submit one section at a time.

Also when students complete a form there is customizable, statement the teacher can give to the student.  I thought I could give them a link to the next form that has the next section.  This would also allow me to embed a new video explaining or reviewing the concepts they just completed (with the answers from the previous section).

Students can complete the lab when ready

Since I have the labs set up in premade “kits” this process would make it easy for a student to do the lab when each student is ready, not when the teacher decides.  This also makes for an easy make-up procedure for students who were absent.

If you stayed with me to the end, thank you! I would love some feedback.

Mike Szczepanik


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